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Marriage/ relationship tip: To argue or not to argue

Johnny “Rotten” Lydon of the Sex Pistols said about his wife: “This is the person I fully intend to argue with for the rest of my life. And believe me, arguments are fantastic.” After 31 years of marriage, this outrageous, acerbic celebrity must be doing something right. (Full quote at ... Read More

Quick party and wedding money saving tips

Money saving tip #1: for your wedding or party: on choosing the date. Schedule for Friday or Sunday. Most vendors are less expensive than on Saturdays. Money saving tip #2. on catering: partial DIY If having a buffet, can be the guests serve themselves? If so, most caterers charge $1-5 ... Read More

Wedding tip #1: Choosing a photographer

Wedding tip #1: Choosing a photographer. You definitely want a professional who has wedding experience and can show you multiple albums in indoor and outdoor settings, with different lighting and (this one is important) with people who match the skin tones of your wedding party and the couple. You want ... Read More
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