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Quick party and wedding money saving tips

Money saving tip #1: for your wedding or party: on choosing the date.
Schedule for Friday or Sunday. Most vendors are less expensive than on Saturdays.

Money saving tip #2. on catering: partial DIY
If having a buffet, can be the guests serve themselves? If so, most caterers charge $1-5 extra per guest to stand there and replace pans after they have served the food. See if you can arrange for the caterers to leave the food return to clean up or leave it in disposable pans. Then a family member can replace the pans as they empty.

Money saving tip #3: on wedding flowers for the ceremony. DIY
SO much $$ is wasted here. Ribbons & bows for the ceremony are much less expensive than floral arrangements and can be just as appealing despite what your florist says. Don’t cave to the florist arguments that you don’t want to be THAT bride with so few arrangements. One of the least remembered aspects of a wedding are the flowers.
If you are absolutely set on having numerous flower arrangements, get recommendations from other vendors (ex. the DJ, the caterer.etc.) and shop around. Compare prices and don’t feel bad about showing one quote to another florist and asking for a price match.

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