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Mixes & Mash-Ups

Dance teams! Cheerleaders! Singers! Emcees! Television, Video and Film Producers!

Anyone else looking for professional quality mixes at an affordable price.

We will do whatever mix/mashup you need with the songs, beats and special effects you desire at a great price and provide it to you in CD form, flash drive, mp3, wav, or just about any digital format you wish. We can slow it down, speed it up, mix out or dub over objectionable lyrics, change the key, beatmix, lengthen, shorten, loop, and do just about anything imaginable to any song you choose.

We can provide voice announcements (see our Voice-Over Page)

Cheerleading squads – we can remix that camp mix for you so that it doesn’t sound like it was produced in a tin can.

Satisfaction guaranteed or you don’t pay!

Let us know what you are looking for today.


  • special effects sounds – crashes, explosions, vehicles, glass breaking, many more (just ask)
  • special effects to song – phaser, reverb, distortion, scratch, echo, other effects (just ask)
  • Drum and bass beats underneath songs
  • different song versions
  • beatmixing
  • change of key
  • change of tempo
  • looping and repeating
  • Voice-overs (spoken, rap and singing)
  • remixes of other remixes (we’ll fix their mistakes)